Central College of Oriental Medicine has entered into an agreement with Evidence Based Oriental Medicine (EBOM), a clinic of Acupuncture, to ensure that all students have access to clinical residencies.  EBOM Clinic operates in two separate locations: Omaha, Nebraska and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Students will have the option to complete part or their entire clinical residency at either location. EBOM Omaha is an active and growing acupuncture clinic in Omaha, Nebraska that currently operates 7 exam rooms, employs 4 acupuncturists, and has around 7,000 patient visits per year. EBOM South Dakota is a successful, highly ranked clinic that operates 4 exam rooms, employs 3 acupuncturists, and has around 4,000 patient visits per year. CCOM is still actively exploring student internship opportunities with other acupuncture clinics or integrative medicine centers.  

CCOM will the only acupuncture school located at Nebraska, the closest acupuncture school will be around 6 hours of drive away from Omaha. There is no acupuncture school at state of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota. The ratio of the number of licensed acupuncturists to population in Nebraska is around 1 to 100,000 comparing to ratio at California or New Mexico (around 1 to 4,000).